Miata History Lesson – Prototypes

For an interesting history note. Mazda’s most popular roadster, the Miata, has been lauded as a design marvel. Everyone seems to love the cute little cars. They have fun and relatively humble roots in the early British topalwaysdown vehicles, such as the MG roadsters and, more importantly, the Lotus Elan.

The point was to take British fun and Japanese reliability to make a best-seller. And did it ever work!

Note the Lotus Elan resemblance - headlights and styling


Miata Concept

By comparison, here is the Elan.

Lotus Elan


The final Miata prototype lost the round headlights. The car lost the dark runners down the sides, but the bumper strips remained as body colored.

Miata Prototype

Miata Motoring.

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  1. Brett Oom says:

    rx7 gsl-se rims ^_^

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