Chevy Miray at Seoul Autoshow

It’s hard to think of Chevy as an international and global brand for most Americans. Laugh as you may, much of their line-up is based on foreign auto architecture (Cruze anyone?).

At the Seoul Autoshow GM has unveiled a new convertible Chevy concept we wanted to clue everyone in on. The Miray (don’t ask us what that means) is Chevy’s latest electric offering with 15 KW front electric motors and a rear mounted turbo 4 cylinder. Apparently, it can even switch between front, all, and rear wheel drive on demand. Cool, eh?

Chevy Miray Press Photo

Personally, we like a little more windshield, but whatever works. This vehicle is truly “topalwaysdown” as it has no top! We have our fingers crossed for a real (read: all gas powered) drivetrain. Chevy and GM have needed a Kappa platform replacement for the Solstice/Sky.

Conceptual Motoring.

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