Lexus @ NAIAS 2012 – LFA and LF Concept

One day, everyone at Lexus drank too much Sake. The CEO stumbled around. Swore at some people. Then fell into a deep sleep after passing out in the drivers seat of his Lexus. He awoke hours later to the sound of nothing but a pounding hangover headache. He then had an epiphany, lets build cars that keep people awake instead of putting them to sleep.

Our love for fun cars at NAIAS meant that we ignored almost the entire Lexus booth. Unfortunately, the CT200H is basically a Prius (evil), despite its cool wagon looks. So instead, we settled on something a bit shinier.

This isn't your Mom's Prius clone.

This was a jaw dropper. From the section we walked around to get to the Lexus booth, this just appeared out of nowhere. The downright garish color was underscored by massive wheels and brakes. We know the LFA is insane, but this just pushed it one step further. Classic coupe lines with a relatively odd fascia and deeply tucked rear wheel venting was certainly a unique sight. Though the exterior had little on the interior:

LF Concept Interior

Lexus has always delivered a luxury touch with everything, no matter how boring. It was very impressive to look at such a shapely interior. The strange part was in the center console area, which had a fabric/metal sweeping trim piece that covered the shifter from the passenger. It was weird, but very pleasing to the eye. We’re sure a passenger would hate it, but in a half million dollar supercar, when do you care about your passengers?


The insanity that started it all is right here. A singular, billion dollar vision for a supercar. The most amazing thing is the exposed carbon fiber in the door jams, lending a inside glimpse into just how special this one is. It looks like a drunk asian catfish, but it just screams. The tri-exhaust out the tail is just another hint as to the insanity of this car. Huge brakes clad in a set of tires that probably cost more than an average months rent are the final touches. Everything about this car screams luxurious speed. Having not yet seen one in person, we were very impressed by it.

Gorgeous in every way (and rumor has it there is a forthcoming roadster).

Expensive Motoring.

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