Busting Out of Prison – Winter Storage To End

It’s that time of the year again. We’re going to break our favorite lady out of prison!

This one isn't ours, but you get the idea...

The forecast is in. The mild winter of this year has been a blessing in disguise. Despite finally breaking down and buying a winter beater…Typical, first winter with little snow and we finally have a beater!

So here is the run down for storage removal:

Remove car cover – obvious reasons

Oil change – we overfilled the oil when we put it away

Remove mothballs – no one likes that smell, but we like rodents even less

Pull the towel out of the intake plenum – keeps the rodents out too

Remove battery tender – obvious reasons

Change differential and trans fluids – we do this annually anyway

Spark plugs – we have 55k miles now, its about time

Put our new spiffy Buddy Club delrin shift knob on

Swap to our spring/fall tires – Kumho ASX’s for less than ideal temps

Install new cabin air and air intake filters – we’re at 15k on both, time for a swap

You should also ALWAYS do a full visual inspection of all vital systems, brakes, battery, fuel system, cooling system, suspension, tires, etc. It costs nothing and noticing a serious problem now is a lot easier than 10 minutes before your first track day tech inspection.

On a personal note, we feel like we’re getting our souls back. It’s been a long winter in an automatic Subaru wagon.

Happy Motoring.

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